Investigative reporter finds public records bonanza


by Mary Schwagerschwager-new1

We gripe, we gripe, we gripe. I’m guilty of it. Public records can be tough to get. I’ve filled this website with tales of woe about battling government agencies for records. I’ve even written theme songs to go with their excuses.   
In this entry, I’m not griping.  I’m actually applauding a federal office for its admiral work putting potentially life saving records online for anyone to search.  No FOIA required. No bureaucrat attempting to hinder someone with outrageous costs, wait times and red tape. 

Do you want to know if your car has a potentially dangerous defect? Has anyone else ever complained about something you suspect just isn’t right ? It’s all online.  Click here to read more in an article I just published.  It’s also an excellent source for journalists to use.


One Response to “Investigative reporter finds public records bonanza”

  1. jarnco Says:

    Voice Of Conservative America just visited your blog

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