Right-to-Know requests reveal details of N.H. shock case


By Aaron Sanborn, reporter, Foster’s Daily Democrat, Dover, N.H.

On March 11, 2010 Dover High School senior Kyle DuBois shocked himself while in his electrical trades class. The shock stopped his heart and sent the 18-year-old into critical condition. He was later taken by helicopter to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston where an emergency procedure to relieve pressure on his brain saved his life.
In the days following the incident Foster’s closely followed DuBois’
remarkable recovery and kept pressuring police and school officials about what happened inside the classroom.
Rumors about what happened made their way around the community and hinted a dare was the impetus behind Dubois shocking himself. This was confirmed when police released their initial findings. Police said DuBois was promised a Mountain Dew soda in exchange for attaching alligator clips to his chest and having another student plug the cord into an electrical outlet.
Perhaps the biggest revelation that came out of the police findings is the fact multiple students told police that electrical trades teacher Thomas Kelley participated in the dare. Police said Kelley denied being involved and DuBois couldn’t remember.
Police decided not to press any criminal charges in the incident because there was no evidence that anyone believed that DuBois would be injured.
In some ways, the information provided by police brought up more question about this incident and Foster’s felt it was important to take a deeper look at it. It was our feeling the public, particularly parents who have students in the school district, would want a better idea of what was going on inside that classroom.
We decided to file Right-to-Know requests seeking the recorded police interviews of Kelley and Dubois, along with a cellphone video taken by another student of DuBois shocking himself.
The videos have shed some light on what happened in the classroom. Kelley admitted to knowing that students were goofing around with the alligator clips in class but emphatically denied being involved in the dare. DuBois said it was another student who dared him to shock himself, and he didn’t think Kelley was involved.
Kelley is currently on paid administrative leave while the Dover School District investigates the incident. Foster’s is now seeking the transcripts of interviews police conducted with DuBois’ classmates.


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